5 Tips on how to stay safe while dating online

Are you interesting in online dating but worried about all the possible dangers that may come with it? Check out these five tips on how to stay safe while dating online.

Examine who you talk to

Whether you’re using a dating site or app, be aware of the type and amount of information the people provide. While some may subtract a few years from their actual age or post a picture from last year, pay more attention to the minimal information they provide about themselves and be aware that they might not be who they claim to be.

Leave a trail of information.’

While you may enjoy the mystery of meeting someone new, it is important to ask for some information about your date. With an email address or telephone number, you need to have some contact details beyond their username.

Google them online

Take advantage of modern technology as they search for them online. This will help you verify the person’s identity and find out information before you meet them. A simple Google check will help you determine if they are real before you meet them to give you a piece of mind.

If you feel something is wrong, block them

If you have any gut feeling about someone, it’s better to be safe and move on. You have no formal obligation to meet someone regardless of how long you’ve chatted with them. If they are starting to pressure you, make the first move and block them.

Meet somewhere public

Never take up an offer to have them cook dinner for you at their home. When meeting someone, arrange your date in a public place for the first few weeks and never allow them to pick you up from your home.

Be sure to let your friends know about your date to give them a bit of detail before you meet your date. Let them know who and where you are meeting them and text them about your whereabouts.