4 Reasons Why You May Want a Cowboy in Your Life

So… are you sick of wannabe football stars and businessmen who don’t how to treat a lady, you’re not alone. Most girls these days find themselves daydreaming about the simpler times when men were muscular, handy and rough. To put it simply, if there’s one thing a girl wants these days is to date a real-life cowboy.
The cowboy has been the symbol of America for more than two centuries at this point, and while it may seem that cowboys have disappeared from the face of the Earth, you don’t have to go to the movie theater to see a cowboy these days. The culture is alive and well in regions such as Texas, Kansas and Florida. Of course, if you’re a city dweller, you can always use a cowboy dating service to meet one.
But I bet that’s not enough for you… Well, if you need a couple more good reasons to dump those boring business execs and get your hands on a classic cowboy, we’ve got you covered. So without further ado, let’s take a look at a couple of specific reasons why dating a cowboy in this day and age makes perfect sense for a city girl like you…
They Always Look Good

You’re average city Joe spends anywhere between 8 and 12 stuck in an office somewhere, behind his desk, letting himself go. On the other hand, an average cowboy spends most of his day out in the open, lifting and operating heavy machinery. Naturally, he has big muscles under his shirt and jeans, and while this is just a small perk of dating a cowboy – it’s a perk that makes girls go crazy nonetheless…
They Are Family Men

In general, guys who grow up in the country become faithful family men. This is because their core values come from their mothers, grandmothers and even aunts who raised them since they were infants. But they don’t love their mothers – they actually respect every woman they meet and take their relationship responsibilities very, very seriously.
You’ll get to Spend More Time Outside

These guys know how to survive in the wild. So even if you want to spend a night out during the winter, he’ll know how to light up a fire and keep you warm. And during summer, this will also give your man a perfect opportunity to pick some fresh flowers for you, because cowboys don’t go to the convenience store to pick up a bouquet for their gals like other guys do… They are way more romantic than that.
You’ll get to Wear Something New

Some girls love to wear big hats, scarfs and boots, but they simply feel too awkward to wear them around their friends. And if you’re one of these girls who always wanted a pair of good-old, bulky boots on their feet, now you have a perfect reason to wear them. Hey – if you’re lucky, your man might even give you his good-luck hat as gift on your first picnic…

Final Thoughts

And those are just a couple of perks of dating a cowboy. Perhaps, the best reason to date a cowboy is the excitement. This is because once you start dating one of these guys, your date nights are going to become more exciting than ever – so no more standard dinners and movie dates – when dating a cowboy, you’ll definitely never know what to expect.