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When it comes to dating, we need all the advice we can get. Fortunately, we’ve found all the best relationship advice videos out there. Check them out.

Top 10 First Date Ideas – Looking for new ideas on where to go for your first date? Instead of going for a movie that leaves you in awkward silence, why not check out Hannah Witton’s take on where to go next? There are plenty of ideas that will leave you a month of dates.

How to Make An Online Dating Profile – Thinking of setting up an online dating profile? Hannah Hart gives you all the best advice as she helps her friend pick the best photos to use and write details to include on her account.

15 Things You Should Never Say On A Date – While many of these things should be left unsaid, Mike Falzone gives you a great reminder on what not to say on a date. Check out this hilarious dating advice video.

3 Confident Female Mindsets That Drive Guys Wild – Unsure of how to deal with a guy who is sending mixed singles? Wondering why you keep attracting the wrong people? Matthew Hussey helps you with all the different discussions of getting the right guy.

POF Advice for Men on Improving Their Profile – As more individuals are setting up their online dating profiles, many are left lost as to how they can improve their profile and present themselves in the best way.

How to Flirt with A Guy – Another dating video by Matthew Hussey discusses the rules of dating and how to flirt with a guy the right way without coming off too strong.