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One of the most common ways that companies allow access to their office or compound is through key card access. Basically, an employee will have their own personal key card which they will need to swipe by the door in order for it to open so they can enter the company’s office or building. Now, you may be wondering, why do so many companies use these key cards and we’ll now take a look at some of the reasons.

The first one as you may have guessed is for security. Only employees and verified personnel are given key cards and if a person doesn’t have one, then they can’t enter the office or building. So, this is a great way to secure both your business and employees since only people that are given access can enter. It will help to prevent thieves or people who may have ill intentions towards to employees. This type of restricted access will also help to secure your data and any items you may have inside your company or office.

Another reason why these key cards are used is that they provide a great audit trail. They help to monitor when each door is opened or closed and by whom. This can help to monitor when your employees arrive for work and when they leave and will ensure that they are clocking in all of their hours. It can also be used to monitor break and lunch times to ensure that employee productivity remains high.

The key cards can also be used to restrict certain rooms or floors in your office building. This is important if you only want certain employees to have access to certain rooms and not have access to others. You can even create time restrictions where they can only enter specific rooms between specific times and this can go a long way in securing your data. Also, with the use of these key cards, you can easily grant or remove access to a specific person very easily. So, for example, if a particular employee just quit their job or has been fired, you can revoke their key card access into the building within minutes. T

In closing, key cards are very useful for businesses and can provide a great deal of information, control and security. If you’re interested in implementing key card access in your business then be sure to continue reading and learning more so you can see the pros and cons of doing so.

June 17, 2019 / admin