6 Photos no one wants to see on your online dating profile

Anyone with experience in online dating can attest that they’ve seen some of the dodgiest and most awkward photos online. To avoid these cases of happening in your photos, here are six photos no one wants to see on your online dating profile.

Party Face

While you enjoy taking pictures of you and your friends during a night out at the bar, no possible date will take you seriously with your eyes bloodshot and robot dancing. You may think that this will make you appear lively and energetic, but drunken photos are a major turn off.

90’s Era

Assuming your physical appearance hasn’t changed in over twenty years isn’t something you can get away with. Make sure that you upload a recent picture of you looking your best. This will prevent the awkward meetings of someone mentioning how different you looked in your photos.

Striking a Photoshoot

While this may be ideal for home album purposes, dating photos might make you appear too cheesy or a bit creepy. Choose pictures that look natural, spontaneous and carefree to bring out the best in you.

Food Photos

You might think that taking a picture of you eating a Michelin dinner will show how cultured you are; it makes you look least attractive when shoving food into your mouth. Skip the eating photos and focus on a great smile and background.

Dedicated Gym Pic

Men, even if you have spent the last year in the gym perfecting your bench presses and toning your v-cut, posting pictures of you topless in a mirror selfie will send all the wrong messages and. While you want your date to know what you’re into and that you’re in great shape, mirror selfies at the gym just scream high egoism.

Celebrity stalker

Want to show off your selfie with your favorite celebrity? Posting a photo like this will take the attention away from you and cause your potential date to struggle with trying to figure out who’s who. Make sure to make yourself as the only focus of the image.

Consider all aspects of your photos, especially the ones you choose to post on your online dating profile.

How to market yourself on your online dating profile

You’ve created your online dating profile but not serious how to make yourself presentable online. Online dating has become a proven way to meet new faces online and take away the stress of primary content. However, this isn’t always the case for some people, especially those with boring profiles.

Here’s how to market yourself on your online dating profile.

Brand your personality

The first step is to portray yourself as a brand. What kind of brand are you? Are you sporty? Do you like to travel? Part of the process of creating an online dating profile is to market yourself and assess your primary goals and objects to online dating.

Determine your target potential date

Once you’ve determined how you what your market yourself and objectives, then will have to define what you are looking for in your date. Describe interests you’re looking for and make sure that you have the right keywords to describe your ideal mate.

Write your profile

Describe your profile in an intriguing way that will include your interests, description of your perfect connection and preferred languages. Avoid the material and physical clichés and demands in what you expect from the person and be respectful. Keep your descriptions short and well processed to ensure the best quality without errors.

Use your best photos

Add the finishing touches to your profile by submitting photos with personality. Are you into fitness? Post your athletic pictures and include your recent photos. Refrain from using blurred images and pictures that are ridiculously filtered. Aim to choose the best photos are grab attention and say something about your personality and interest.

Follow these steps, and you’ll create a great online dating profile that will build interest and help you find your next potential date.

What other tips do you have to create your best online dating profile? Comment below and let us know what you think!

5 Tips on how to stay safe while dating online

Are you interesting in online dating but worried about all the possible dangers that may come with it? Check out these five tips on how to stay safe while dating online.

Examine who you talk to

Whether you’re using a dating site or app, be aware of the type and amount of information the people provide. While some may subtract a few years from their actual age or post a picture from last year, pay more attention to the minimal information they provide about themselves and be aware that they might not be who they claim to be.

Leave a trail of information.’

While you may enjoy the mystery of meeting someone new, it is important to ask for some information about your date. With an email address or telephone number, you need to have some contact details beyond their username.

Google them online

Take advantage of modern technology as they search for them online. This will help you verify the person’s identity and find out information before you meet them. A simple Google check will help you determine if they are real before you meet them to give you a piece of mind.

If you feel something is wrong, block them

If you have any gut feeling about someone, it’s better to be safe and move on. You have no formal obligation to meet someone regardless of how long you’ve chatted with them. If they are starting to pressure you, make the first move and block them.

Meet somewhere public

Never take up an offer to have them cook dinner for you at their home. When meeting someone, arrange your date in a public place for the first few weeks and never allow them to pick you up from your home.

Be sure to let your friends know about your date to give them a bit of detail before you meet your date. Let them know who and where you are meeting them and text them about your whereabouts.